SUHT Group - Sunan Hung Tak Industries Ltd.
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Welcome to Sunan Hung Tak Industries Limited – Your Trusted Garment Partner Since 1975!


We are thrilled to share the story of Sunan Hung Tak Industries Limited, a beacon of quality and craftsmanship in the world of men’s fashion. Born in the vibrant city of Hong Kong in 1975, our company has been weaving excellence into men’s shirts and an array of other garments for over four decades.


Our journey has taken our creations across the seas to the stylish avenues of Europe, where our commitment to quality has been embraced with open arms. We cherish the relationships we've built with each and every customer who has chosen SUHT as their wardrobe companion.


In the pursuit of perfection and to harness the power of skilled artisans, the 1990s marked our expansion into the bustling cities of Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Nantong, and regions within the Guangdong and Zhejiang Provinces of China. Here, we found a symphony of skilled hands and a cost-effective environment, allowing us to craft the quality you love at prices you desire.


With China’s meteoric economic rise and its citizens' burgeoning passion for fashion, we opened our arms to the local market. It wasn’t long before our own brands were gracing the shelves in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, bringing our unique blend of style and quality to an appreciative domestic audience.


The close of the millennium was an exciting chapter for us. In 1999, Hung Tak broadened its horizons even further by acquiring a prestigious US-based handbag manufacturing plant. Known for supplying high-end products to illustrious names like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom, we later moved this plant to Zhuhai, infusing it with our signature efficiency and attention to detail.


As the winds of change blew, we set our sights on new horizons. Responding to the rise in costs within China, the 2010s saw us strategically extend our production roots into Bangladesh and Myanmar, establishing two state-of-the-art factories. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing found a new home in these lands.


Today, our main production thrives in the Far East, complemented by a steady and robust support system back in China. This global footprint not only ensures continuity and excellence but also bears testimony to our adaptability in the ever-evolving world of fashion.


At the heart of SUHT is our unwavering devotion to high-quality products. We pride ourselves on our ‘mass-tailoring’ approach – a unique blend of mass production efficiency with the personalized touch of tailoring. This allows us the flexibility to meet your special demands, crafting garments that are as individual as the people who wear them.


We invite you to experience the dedication, the quality, and the warmth that is woven into every thread of our garments. Sunan Hung Tak Industries Limited isn’t just about clothes; it’s about a promise – a promise of quality, reliability, and style that travels with you.


With open arms and a warm smile, we look forward to dressing the world, one quality garment at a time.